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Dijon, Musée archéologique
The collections come from all over the Côte-d'Or. Set up initially by the Departmental Antiquities Commission, they were installed in the dormitory of the St. Bénigne abbey from 1930. The museum has been run by the municipality since 1955.

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Among the museum's major pieces we would note the rich Blanot finds (Bronze Age), the ex-votos from the sanctuary of the source of the Seine (Antiquity), artifacts from the Abbey of St. Bénigne (Middle Ages), and the bust of Christ by Claus Sluter (1399).

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To discover the national collections, you can access the databases of the Ministry of Culture :

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Musée archéologique
5 rue Docteur Maret
B. P. 1510

tel. : 03 80 48 83 70
fax : 03 80 48 83 71

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