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Bourbon-Lancy, Musée St Nazaire
The St. Nazaire church, a rare example of the primitive Romanesque style, on a majestic scale, was once part of the priory founded in 1030 by Anceau de Bourbon.

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The St. Nazaire Museum contains a fine collection of Sèvres, vases, bisques and medals. A vase in pastel blue bears the date 1794.
Bourbon also has a major collection of white clay figurines.
Mrs. Rouvier Jeanlin, who directed the scientific study of the figurines produced at Bourbon, in the Breuil district, in the 1st and 2nd centuries, has 25 different types of Venus attributed to Bourbon coroplaths (ancient clay potters). A figurine from one of these "Bourbon" moulds was found in a necropolis in Riddes (Valais, Switzerland). Mrs. Rouvier Jeanlin DAF No. 25 p.40

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Musée St Nazaire

Rue St Nazaire

71140 Bourbon-Lancy

tel. : 0385892323: Mairie

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