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Dijon, Musée Magnin
Installato nel palazzo Lantin, uno dei più bei palazzi privati del XVII secolo di Digione, questo museo deve la propria esistenza a due collezionisti appassionati: Jeanne e Maurice Magnin. Questi ultimi riunirono un significativo insieme di pitture, disegni e oggetti che lasciarono allo Stato nel 1938. Come da loro desiderio, questo museo ha mantenuto il proprio aspetto di gabinetto da collezionista e di dimora abitata. L'originalità di questa collezione e il suo ambito raffinato lo rendono un luogo di diletto nel cuore della vecchia Digione.

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Principali collezioni

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Display of objets d'art, paintings, drawings, furniture. Remarkable works from the Northern, Italian and French schools from the 16th to 19th centuries.

Base di conoscenza
Per scoprire le collezioni nazionali, potete accedere ai database del Ministero della Cultura:

Base"Joconde" (Gioconda)
4 rue des Bons-Enfants 21 000 Dijon

tel.: 03 80 67 11 10
fax: 03 80 66 43 75


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The Magnin Museum is located in the town centre, a few steps from the Town Hall and the Museum of Fine Arts. Nearby (50m): many Divia bus lines, a taxi rank, and many 2 and 3 star hotels. 17th century mansion, this is not accessible for persons with reduced mobility.
a free audio guide is provided ehen paying for a ticket or can be rented for 2 €for those who are entitled to enter for free.

open every day except Monday, between 10am and 12 noon and between 2pm and 6pm, until 8pm on the first Tuesday of the month. Closed on 1st January and 25 December..

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Full price: 3,50 €
Reduced price: 2,50 €
Free for under 18 year olds

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Inoltre, al museo

Documentation department
The museum's documentation centre is open by appointment to researchers and students. They can look up the files about the works in the collection. For an appointment call Hélène Isnard on
The museum has a shop selling post cards, various works, reproductions of sculptures, related items and more. Articles not available at the site can be ordered on request.
This shop is a sales area of the Union of National Museums (the only one in Burgundy), where you can find items from the Museums of France.