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   St. Vernier


 Fern glass


 In a display cabinet with tools at the Wine Museum


 Wine festival in Joigny

 Banner of the fraternity of St. Vincent


 Wine taster

 Beaune grape harvest basket

 A god with a hammer

 Sign of a wine merchant

 Balance-type press

 Virgin with child



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Beaune, Musée du Vin de Bourgogne
St. Vernier
  16th century
Wood, formerly polychromed
H 172 X L 151 cm
Restored in 1982
Purchase made in 1960 by G. H. Rivière at the Galerie Charpentier, with contributions from the City of Beaune and Mrs Codman, philanthropist.
Donation from the Museum of Folk Arts and Traditions, Paris, in 1960
Beaune, Wine Museum

It is a statue of a fraternity of winemakers, mainly honoured in Franche Comté and the Rhineland. The saint, in the German style, is dressed as a winemaker. He holds a bunch of grapes in his left hand and a truncated snake in the other. It comes from the old Church of St-Pierre de Beaune.