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   Picture of farm, about 1869-1890

 Gallic-Roman statuette, Mercury

 Self-portrait with vine

 Bust of Emiland Gauthey, 1808

 Virgin with baby bottle, approx. 1610-1615

 Small vase in the shape of a woman's head

 Large Gallic-Roman dish in ribbed glass

 Condemned members of the revolutionary committee of the Bonnet-Rouge section

 Funereal statue of Baron D.V. Denon, 1826

 Gladiator and lion

 Flints from Volgu

 Self-portrait, 1878

 The Return of Persephone, approx. 1660-1665

 Scene of Chalon-sur-Saône, 1837

 The Charlatan, 1668



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Chalon-sur-Saône, Musée Vivant Denon
Picture of farm, about 1869-1890
  Antonin Richard (1822-1891).
52 x 39 cm.
Musée Denon

Painter, head of the School of Drawing and curator of the museum, Antonin Richard, who extended the influence of the Northern schools in the circle of the Barbizon school