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   Double staircase

 Detail of the masterpiece if the carpenters' guild of the city of Lyon

 Photo of the School of Technical Drawing, 1901-1902 promotion

 Pierre-François Guillon's guild cane

 Model "door and frame"

 Model "Staircase around a bottle"

 Model "five spikes with ridge work and tower"

 Photo of members of the Devoir de Liberté carpenters' guild at the Paris Universal Exhibition

 Masterpiece with staircase

 Masterpiece of Pierre-François Guillon

 Working drawing, square pavilion
By: Pierre-François Guillon



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Romanèche-Thorins, Musée Départemental du Compagnonnage Pierre-François Guillon
Double staircase

Artist: Alexandre Morel
Date: 1924
Dimensions: 1.30 m x 1.97 m x 1.14m (Ht.)
Romanèche-Thorins, Departmental Museum of Companion-Planting, Pierre-François Guillon

Pierre-François Guillon

Alexandre Morel, member of the carpenters guild, was a student at the school of Pierre-François Guillon and made a masterpiece for the Best Worker of France competition in 1924. He won the first prize.