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   Wine taster


 Fern glass

 Balance-type press

 St. Vernier


 Beaune grape harvest basket

 A god with a hammer

 Sign of a wine merchant

 Wine festival in Joigny

 Banner of the fraternity of St. Vincent

 In a display cabinet with tools at the Wine Museum


 Virgin with child




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Beaune, Musée du Vin de Bourgogne
Wine taster

"J. Barot Darconcey"
Claude Nyault, Beaune - 1726/1727
Four punch stamps: Virgin of Beaune, B crowned,
P. crowned, lily-of-the-valley
Shank with two facing griffin heads holding a ball
Estate of Mrs Gaston-Fournier, Monthelie in 1972
Beaune, Wine Museum&

The Wine Museum has a very interesting collection of tasting cups, which are silver receptacles for tasting wine. They come from all over France. This one is clearly one of the oldest