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   Portrait of Marey at the age of 39

 Horse's movement

 Flight of a dove

 Breakdown of the flight of a seagull

 Pole vaulting

 Flight of a seagull

 Small version recording cylinder

 Chronophotographic rifle

 Chronophotography with 90mm wide moving film

 Ritorno degli uomini di Marey

 Water running from a tap

 Movement compared

 Fall of the cat

 Air movements on encountering various shapes

 Flight of insects



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Beaune, Musée E.J. Marey
Portrait of Marey at the age of 39
  Félix Tournachon known as Nadar
H 30 x L 24.9 cm
Acquired at auction in Beaune in 1992
Financial assistance of the FRAM and the Primagaz company
Beaune, E.J. Marey Museum

This portrait was dedicated by Nadar to Marey. He was 39 and had just been appointed professor at the Collège de France,replacing Flourens. In this photograph he is clearly posing