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   Painting, "Spring harvest"



 Painting, "The baskets"

 Poster, "Burgundy wines of Henri de Bahèzre"

 Small poster, "Juvigor fresh grapes cure"

 Photograph "Rampion ear (Phyteuma spicatum L.)&"

 Cuirassier's helmet

 Poster: Lets look after the poultry / I am a brave war chicken / I eat little and produce a lot




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Nuits-Saint-Georges, Musée d'Histoire et d'Archéologie
Painting, "Spring harvest"
  Jean François, 1976 - Oil on pressboard - H 18.9 X W 24 - Inv. 91.01.17 - Museum of Nuits-Saint-Georges - Photo - J.L.Bernuy

Pruning the vines is usually women's work. The scene takes place Vougeot vineyard, close to Nuits-Saint-Georges